Hey there! Welcome to my site. What will I be doing here?

This Curvy Ginger is a blog about fashion, beauty, and health. I hope to share my favorite products, tips, and learning experiences growing up as a curvy, ginger, tall woman who has struggled to find well fitting clothes. I’m not fat, I have a healthy BMI and am considered maybe “slim-thick”, “pear-shaped” or “thick and fit”. Check out the “about” tab for more information on my body type to see if my body advice can be of use to you!

I’m a ginger with thick, wavy hair who likes to keep her hair under control and in hopefully nice shape.

My fashion style is very all over the place. I love outfits in every style from chic, to classic, to urban/Korean, to sporty, to classy “white girl”, to flowery! I’m sure you’ll see a lot of range.

I’ve always struggled to find makeup that suits me. I have an oily skin type that gets dry as well. It’s very frustrating. I used to have a lot of acne (especially cystic and blackheads), but that has cleared up and I only get occasional/ light acne after going on antibiotics.

I’ve had to fight with my body since I was in middle school. I have wide hips, about 44 inches with 26.5 inch thighs each. My waist is around 29 inches and my bust is a 36B barely. I played Lacrosse in high school and did dance, but after quitting a swim team in middle school, I always had a tough relationship with my hips. I have thick thighs, but a small upper body. At 5’9″, my top weight was almost 180 lbs and I’m at one of my lowest weights in a while right now at about 155-160 lbs. This is the zone I like to be in. My “natural” weight is typically around 165-170 lbs when I don’t “try”. I love feeling healthy and am always finding new health trends, workouts, or recipes (I also love to cook).

On this site, I’ll talk about my struggles with fashion, body image, and fighting the actual body and hope to inspire or give good tips on how to embrace and accentuate the best parts of your banging body!


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