Sugar Sugar Baby

I love sugar. I really do. Brownies, frosting, straight-up sugar- I love it. And I’ve come to learn from myself that I have bad self-control and cannot trust myself with this stuff. As much as I know it is bad for me, I still love its sweet rush. Sigh. I’d have this horrible cycle with myself where I’d tell myself I’d quit sugar “tomorrow” and binge expecting to quit cold turkey. Bad cycle. It certainly held me back on my weight loss goals. It wasn’t even that much sugar compared to an average American diet, but it still made me feel shitty and guilty.

Once I went for 45 days without sugar, like added sugar. It was great. You feel mentally stronger and more energetic. The trick with cutting sugar is that you have to not even dabble in sugar. The littlest taste seems innocent, but it is a very slippery slope. And this is a ledge. Honestly, if you can stay away from temptation, the first few days is the worst. You have withdrawals and you feel you haven’t made any progress.  I SWEAR if you eat enough, you can feel perfectly great without sugar. Think about how that stuff basically cuts up your blood stream and contributes to your visceral fat. It provides very short-term energy and dopamine in addition to being addictive.

I know it feels impossible to quit it. I’ve struggled too. But I swear it’s worth it.


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