Finding pants that FIT (with RECS)

*** Sorry it’s been a bit guys, I’ve been on vacation ***

Finding fitting pants? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re always on the prowl for a perfect pair that ACTUALLY fits you in all the right places.

I feel actually blessed when I find a pair that hugs my waist but covers my ass properly all while looking fashionable.  It’s only happened a couple times.

I’ve tried SO many jeans, see my previous post about Jeans to find more on that!

Here, I’ll talk a little about HOW to find these mystery pants.

  • First, figure out what style you want. My go to is skinny jeans with a high waist because I like the fit for my curves, it holds me looking shaped, and these happen to be in style (score!!). I also have a couple more straight cut pants for work (which I roll) and I’m a fan of flare/bootcut yoga pants.
  • A reminder that just because one style of a brand of pants works on you, another style or color might not. Pants are funny like that. Especially with less pricey brands.
  • Memorize your measurements (in CM and IN 🙂 It’s useful) to compare on size charts. Check out the reviews of others. Find role model celebrities or fashion icons that are a similar body type/ measurements to you. Try and see what the internet has found out about their pant/ jean brands. Some even tag their clothes with the company on Instagram. I discovered Fashion Nova from Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram.
  • Try Marshalls or TJ Max where manyyyy pants brands exist, it’s a great way to check out many types at once. Also great prices.
  • Learn to sew! I take in waists alllll the time. It’s an awesome and easy curvy fashion trick.

It can be so difficult for young people to find fabulous jeans that fit them properly, aren’t plus sized, and still look smokin’, but there’s enough of us out there that there have to be options. It sucks to have to dig so hard, but the more we work together, the easier we’ll find those hidden golden fits! Let me know if you finally found your dream pair!


Jean recommendations:




Top Shop Joni pants in black









Vibrant jeans in dark wash (I had to take waist in)


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