How I increased my metabolism by eating!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician, I can only tell you what works for me and what I’ve researched!

For starters, when I was getting back into working out, I did about four weeks of short cardio workouts 4-5 times a week. I did a 25 minute intense HIIT session where I got my heart rate up, but 25 minutes BLEW by. It was awesome and so satisfying. This definitely kick started my metabolism.

So how did I eat my way to a better body?

I began drinking A TON of water. This is great for many reasons, but one is metabolism. Drink a glass of cold water daily, your metabolism has to work harder to raise the temperature of water!  Water is also just awesome for you.

You also need to eat enough. The worst thing you can do for your body is NOT eating enough fat (good fat), protein, and carbohydrates. Your body needs fuel to keep that metabolism up. When you starve yourself and under eat, you make your body STOP burning and instead conserve fat. BAD BAD BAD. So many diets suggest 1200 calories for everyone- while this is actually not a value that works for most people!! Use Macro calculator to find your daily needed calories (fat, carb, and fat) then take 20% off of that (some calcs will do this for you).

Eat breakfast!! Eat like a queen in the morning, a princess in the afternoon, and a pauper at night. If you HAVE to cheat or eat a bunch of carbs, this needs to be in the morning so your metabolism has the day to eat it up then get to work on your body fat. You’re trying to get your body to a state of Ketosis where the body uses stored fat instead of the food you consume.

Eat a bunch of fiber! 25 g a day is the suggested amount. Fruits and veggies will get you there (**caution** you willll have to #2 more- I’m sorry that’s so gross- but you deserve to know). Eating fiber can really crank up your metabolism.

Drink milk (calcium) to preserve muscles, iron-rich foods (fish) to help oxygen delivery to muscles, eat lots of protein and vitamin D which also assist muscles. The better shape your muscles are in, the more you’ll burn. It’s a chain reaction; work out more, more muscles, faster metabolism, more weight loss.

The last thing, I know it sucks, but cut down on the alcohol. Alcohol really clogs your body’s ability to burn. Alcohol alters it to store fat and damages your hard work. Instead of beer (which is like eating 1/2 a loaf of bread) try spiked seltzer (my favorite) or pure vodka/gin with a low sugar drink.


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