Working the back to build a tiny waist?

Women often skip a back workout, when working the back is so important to carving the back’s form and making the illusion of a smaller waist. Of course cardio is the foundation of perfecting a figure, but for the hourglass look, throw some back exercises into those arm workouts. Here’s a gym workout I’ll be doing today.

2 sets of 15 each:

cable rope overhead triceps

cable upright row

laying down bench dumbbell chest press

dumbbell lateral raise

wide grip lateral pulldown

one arm dumbbell row (both sides)

triceps extentions behind hell using cable

standing bicep cable curls

fly rotation with  sitting with dumbbell

bicep curls

partial bent over row

pushups 🙂

upright row pull to chin with a barbell


If you don’t want to use machines or have access to a gym, try resistance band training or check out pilates videos from youtubers like Blogiates.


Happy lifting!!



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