Picking a style?

As a teenager, I had a hard time deciding what my style was. I had a womanly body with a full booty, but the desire to fit in properly with my peers. It was hard to find clothes that looked appropriate and fit the trends. My mother often wanted to dress me in drapey clothing that covered my curves and I felt dumpy. I had a hard time with colors and honestly wasn’t very good at figuring out my style.

So how did I find my style?

A lot of trial and error! But also research.

For my curves, I found that high waisted everythinggggg was great for me. With 43″ hips and 29″ waist, this look works for me. It took research to find what current styles matched what works for my body type.

Here’s some of the main styles to look into:

  • Trendy (anything new/in)
  • Casual trendy (see old navy, gap, basics)
  • Visual/Vibrant/Artsy (bright colors, bold pieces)
  • Preppy (see Sperry, Nautica, Brooks brothers)
  • Elegant/Classy (Chanel, Gucci boutique)
  • Bohemian (drapey, patterns, earthy)
  • Girly/Cute (pastels, frilly, lace)
  • punk (black, embellishments, neon)
  • skater girl (pac sun, vans, adidas)
  • professional (similar classy, banana republic, Ann Taylor)
  • Tough (leather, patches, black, distressed jeans)
  • Sporty (active attire)
  • Urban (high waisted, Adidas, crop tops, mute colors)
  • Vintage (anything thrift or 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s look)
  • Tomboy (looser, converse, simple patterns, caps)

Investigate these and see what fits your closet, body, and ideals! It does take work, but in my opinion, fashion is your art to create. I totally cross fashions. I dip into urban, preppy, sporty, and casual trendy. The trick is to stick to one style per outfit and to try and tie your overall style into something more concrete. Make it yours! Best of luck :*


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