Body Coach Review

For a time I tried the Body Coach program organized by Joe Wicks.  Joe’s huge following and positive reviews drew me to try the program and pay the nearly $200 for fitness and diet plans.

I ended up quitting about 1/2 way and going on my own fitness program. Why?

Well first, here are some good points of the fitness program:

  • It’s easy. There’s easy access to coaches (though their advice varies and is sometimes not helpful) and the plan is detailed with food weights in grams. The workouts are detailed as well and Joe has uploaded videos for assistance.
  • It is a healthy lifestyle. The coaches would often say to me that you cannot gain weight on this program (I beg to differ, but it WAS healthy food)
  • Joe is adorable and a positive role model.
  • The food plan is tailored to you based upon some measurements and lifestyle quiz details.
  • I did improve my cooking skills and interest through practice.

Okay sorry, that wasn’t a lot of positive… I have quite a bit more to say about the negative bits of the program:

  • It’s pretty flexible but does not teach how much fat, calories, and protein are worth. You know you must eat the way you do, but you don’t get a whole lot of thorough education on the body.
  • I definitely gained weight on the problem. And the first part of the program is HIIT so I didn’t build much muscle. I quit because the second cycle out of three was lifting based and I knew I would gain more weight. I felt SOOOOO bloated and bigger. My tummy was so big I swear. And I didn’t cheat much at all.
  • When I asked the coaches for help they blamed me not doing things right and told me to have patience. I did and it didn’t get better.
  • The meal plan is flexible- but not super creative. It gives man food options and some plans, but these get old and are hard to make for more than 1 person (they don’t convert well).
  • I love the easiness of the quick HIIT sessions, but they don’t burn enough for the HIGH HIGH protein diet. It doesn’t quite add up.
  • The plan allows real carbs after a workout. This pushed me to work out more, but taught the unhealthy practice that you need to burn to eat when in the reality it does not matter when you eat your calories in the day.

In the end, it just wasn’t worth the money or time. I cooked for hours, blamed myself for screw ups, and didn’t have the body change I desired.


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