How I kicked my cystic acne to the curb

In the winter, my acne raged up and overtook my face. Seriously, in December my face became swollen, painful and full of nasty acne that I couldn’t cover with even thick foundation.

I went on Minocycline for a few months. Honestly, this did really make a difference. It did suck because I couldn’t drink on it since the antibiotics mixed with alcohol would make me sick.

That being said, antibiotic use should always be avoided if possible and different types of drugs have varying results on people. If you’re not sure about antibiotics or it’s not working for you (and you’re not interested in the intensity of Accutane) I have a few tips that made a big difference for improving my skin in a short amount of time.

  • change/flip pillows daily- every 3 days, tons of bad bacteria cultivate in the fabric and attack your skin
  • always take ALL your makeup off (try micellar water)
  • moisturize! But if you think your moisturizer is bothering your skin or clogging pores then change it to a higher quality, skin/acne friendly moisturizer
  • try salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (careful it does dry you out)
  • try not to wear makeup when you can
  • touching up with concealer can do a lot better for the breathability of your skin than slathering thick full coverage makeup on
  • stop washing your face constantly if you have oily skin!! It just dries the skin and causes it to produce more oil.

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