Hi all! I’m Kelly.

I’m a 20-year-old university student from Western Massachusetts! I’ve spent time on both the West Coast in California and East Coast all over New England.  I’ve traveled in Europe and all over the United States. I love looking stylish, but have struggled to find my style, well fitting clothes, and finding beauty products that suit me! As I’ve gotten a hand of it, I want to share my stories, products, and advice wit you all! I don’t do sponsorships or ads without acknowledging it. At school, I’m studying Science communications/ education. My favorite ways to exercise are HIIT and dancing.

My body:

I’ll talk about this because it will help you understand whether body advice is relevant to you. I’m 5’9″, 155-160 lbs, and “curvy”, “pear shaped”, “slim-thick”, “fit thick”, “triangle” or “bootylicious” lol. I have 44″ hips, 26.5″ each, a 29″ waist, and 36B chest. I like to work out and be healthy, but of course, I like my sweets in moderation. Naturally, my body likes to sit in the 165-170 lb range and I am well endowed in the ass region. I have a hard time finding clothes to fit my body type.