Getting a great ass without bulky thighs

I’ve heard many complain to me about jeans growing tighter after starting lower body training. This is not necessarily bad, this means it is working.

Of course, thigh fat is hard to shred and muscle takes up less space but both together can create unwanted bulk.

Exercise like the Stairmaster, high resistance elliptical or stationary biking, hill walking, HIIT, sprinting, squats, deadlifts, and CrossFit tend to work out the legs and add bulkiness.  Of course, I love sprints and HIIT over long distance running so I still do but try to mix in more swimming, pilates, walking, and dancing which are lower impact on the legs.

So should leg lifting be avoided? No! If you want a great pair of legs, you need to work those babies, but less than other parts of the body. Try working the glutes for that awesome Kim K booty, and avoid the rest of leg exercise. Any workout with body weight, machine, or free weight exercises to “slim legs” or “spot treat thighs” is bullshit and will grow muscle to tone, not lose fat.

Specific lower impact cardio must be paired with some higher impact cardio (because HIIT and the like are great for fat burning) and resistance training that targets where you want to get toned. It takes a lot for a woman to get bulky, so don’t worry too much, stay patient, and work hard.



Body Coach Review

For a time I tried the Body Coach program organized by Joe Wicks.  Joe’s huge following and positive reviews drew me to try the program and pay the nearly $200 for fitness and diet plans.

I ended up quitting about 1/2 way and going on my own fitness program. Why?

Well first, here are some good points of the fitness program:

  • It’s easy. There’s easy access to coaches (though their advice varies and is sometimes not helpful) and the plan is detailed with food weights in grams. The workouts are detailed as well and Joe has uploaded videos for assistance.
  • It is a healthy lifestyle. The coaches would often say to me that you cannot gain weight on this program (I beg to differ, but it WAS healthy food)
  • Joe is adorable and a positive role model.
  • The food plan is tailored to you based upon some measurements and lifestyle quiz details.
  • I did improve my cooking skills and interest through practice.

Okay sorry, that wasn’t a lot of positive… I have quite a bit more to say about the negative bits of the program:

  • It’s pretty flexible but does not teach how much fat, calories, and protein are worth. You know you must eat the way you do, but you don’t get a whole lot of thorough education on the body.
  • I definitely gained weight on the problem. And the first part of the program is HIIT so I didn’t build much muscle. I quit because the second cycle out of three was lifting based and I knew I would gain more weight. I felt SOOOOO bloated and bigger. My tummy was so big I swear. And I didn’t cheat much at all.
  • When I asked the coaches for help they blamed me not doing things right and told me to have patience. I did and it didn’t get better.
  • The meal plan is flexible- but not super creative. It gives man food options and some plans, but these get old and are hard to make for more than 1 person (they don’t convert well).
  • I love the easiness of the quick HIIT sessions, but they don’t burn enough for the HIGH HIGH protein diet. It doesn’t quite add up.
  • The plan allows real carbs after a workout. This pushed me to work out more, but taught the unhealthy practice that you need to burn to eat when in the reality it does not matter when you eat your calories in the day.

In the end, it just wasn’t worth the money or time. I cooked for hours, blamed myself for screw ups, and didn’t have the body change I desired.

Makeup for the gym

A while back, I broke out badly after a lot of sweaty gym sessions. I quickly realized I was going straight from a long day of full face medium coverage makeup and layers of powder (because I’m always oily as fuqqq) to a full sweaty gym workout. Skin care is so essential to your beauty and makeup routine.

When you workout, your pores open as you sweat. When your pores open, they let makeup fall in and give you blemishes.

At the gym, you should try and wear as low coverage makeup as possible, but I understand the want to look cute. I do too!

Besides cute hairstyles and gym attire, a little makeup goes a long way. I use Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, which conceals redness, bags, and acne nicely and is not oily or as bad for the skin. I also use waterproof mascara, lip stain or balm, and a little blush for color. Post workout, I find translucent powder and blotting sheets awesome for decreasing shine.

If you have to wear foundation to feel evened out, try BB creme, especially brands with salicylic acid. It’s low coverage, but your skin will thank you.


Fit and thick!!

I just want to give a little love to all the beautiful healthy bodies out there. You’re beautiful!!

How can you expect others to respect or love you before you do it for yourself? You’ll never believe them until you see your beauty.

I love my thick, fit thighs. I appreciate my healthy body! And damn I rock these awesome curves.  My body does amazing things. I get to smell lavender, exercise, taste ice cream and feel glorious summer breeze. How lucky I am!





Working the back to build a tiny waist?

Women often skip a back workout, when working the back is so important to carving the back’s form and making the illusion of a smaller waist. Of course cardio is the foundation of perfecting a figure, but for the hourglass look, throw some back exercises into those arm workouts. Here’s a gym workout I’ll be doing today.

2 sets of 15 each:

cable rope overhead triceps

cable upright row

laying down bench dumbbell chest press

dumbbell lateral raise

wide grip lateral pulldown

one arm dumbbell row (both sides)

triceps extentions behind hell using cable

standing bicep cable curls

fly rotation with  sitting with dumbbell

bicep curls

partial bent over row

pushups 🙂

upright row pull to chin with a barbell


If you don’t want to use machines or have access to a gym, try resistance band training or check out pilates videos from youtubers like Blogiates.


Happy lifting!!


Mix-it-up Cardio Workout

The worst thing ever is a boring cardio routine. Hate it when you feel like you just get on the treadmill every day? Here’s a gym workout that jumps around for an interesting 40-minute cardio workout (add some stretching before and after!)

Warm up: Walk/jog for 3 minutes

Sprints: 1-minute sprint, 1-minute walk for 10 minutes.

Stairclimber: 10 minutes, medium intensity

HIIT: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

Jumping Jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, burpees —> rotate for ten minutes

Cool down: Elliptical 3 min

Then always stretch! Static stretching goes after your workout.

  • Push to full intensity in each exercise, except for on stairclimber. You want to get the most out of this.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • keep a minute transition period between each exercise
  • remember that each minute you spend at the gym is doing something good for your body.