How I kicked my cystic acne to the curb

In the winter, my acne raged up and overtook my face. Seriously, in December my face became swollen, painful and full of nasty acne that I couldn’t cover with even thick foundation.

I went on Minocycline for a few months. Honestly, this did really make a difference. It did suck because I couldn’t drink on it since the antibiotics mixed with alcohol would make me sick.

That being said, antibiotic use should always be avoided if possible and different types of drugs have varying results on people. If you’re not sure about antibiotics or it’s not working for you (and you’re not interested in the intensity of Accutane) I have a few tips that made a big difference for improving my skin in a short amount of time.

  • change/flip pillows daily- every 3 days, tons of bad bacteria cultivate in the fabric and attack your skin
  • always take ALL your makeup off (try micellar water)
  • moisturize! But if you think your moisturizer is bothering your skin or clogging pores then change it to a higher quality, skin/acne friendly moisturizer
  • try salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (careful it does dry you out)
  • try not to wear makeup when you can
  • touching up with concealer can do a lot better for the breathability of your skin than slathering thick full coverage makeup on
  • stop washing your face constantly if you have oily skin!! It just dries the skin and causes it to produce more oil.

Makeup for the gym

A while back, I broke out badly after a lot of sweaty gym sessions. I quickly realized I was going straight from a long day of full face medium coverage makeup and layers of powder (because I’m always oily as fuqqq) to a full sweaty gym workout. Skin care is so essential to your beauty and makeup routine.

When you workout, your pores open as you sweat. When your pores open, they let makeup fall in and give you blemishes.

At the gym, you should try and wear as low coverage makeup as possible, but I understand the want to look cute. I do too!

Besides cute hairstyles and gym attire, a little makeup goes a long way. I use Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, which conceals redness, bags, and acne nicely and is not oily or as bad for the skin. I also use waterproof mascara, lip stain or balm, and a little blush for color. Post workout, I find translucent powder and blotting sheets awesome for decreasing shine.

If you have to wear foundation to feel evened out, try BB creme, especially brands with salicylic acid. It’s low coverage, but your skin will thank you.


Picking a style?

As a teenager, I had a hard time deciding what my style was. I had a womanly body with a full booty, but the desire to fit in properly with my peers. It was hard to find clothes that looked appropriate and fit the trends. My mother often wanted to dress me in drapey clothing that covered my curves and I felt dumpy. I had a hard time with colors and honestly wasn’t very good at figuring out my style.

So how did I find my style?

A lot of trial and error! But also research.

For my curves, I found that high waisted everythinggggg was great for me. With 43″ hips and 29″ waist, this look works for me. It took research to find what current styles matched what works for my body type.

Here’s some of the main styles to look into:

  • Trendy (anything new/in)
  • Casual trendy (see old navy, gap, basics)
  • Visual/Vibrant/Artsy (bright colors, bold pieces)
  • Preppy (see Sperry, Nautica, Brooks brothers)
  • Elegant/Classy (Chanel, Gucci boutique)
  • Bohemian (drapey, patterns, earthy)
  • Girly/Cute (pastels, frilly, lace)
  • punk (black, embellishments, neon)
  • skater girl (pac sun, vans, adidas)
  • professional (similar classy, banana republic, Ann Taylor)
  • Tough (leather, patches, black, distressed jeans)
  • Sporty (active attire)
  • Urban (high waisted, Adidas, crop tops, mute colors)
  • Vintage (anything thrift or 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s look)
  • Tomboy (looser, converse, simple patterns, caps)

Investigate these and see what fits your closet, body, and ideals! It does take work, but in my opinion, fashion is your art to create. I totally cross fashions. I dip into urban, preppy, sporty, and casual trendy. The trick is to stick to one style per outfit and to try and tie your overall style into something more concrete. Make it yours! Best of luck :*

Finding pants that FIT (with RECS)

*** Sorry it’s been a bit guys, I’ve been on vacation ***

Finding fitting pants? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re always on the prowl for a perfect pair that ACTUALLY fits you in all the right places.

I feel actually blessed when I find a pair that hugs my waist but covers my ass properly all while looking fashionable.  It’s only happened a couple times.

I’ve tried SO many jeans, see my previous post about Jeans to find more on that!

Here, I’ll talk a little about HOW to find these mystery pants.

  • First, figure out what style you want. My go to is skinny jeans with a high waist because I like the fit for my curves, it holds me looking shaped, and these happen to be in style (score!!). I also have a couple more straight cut pants for work (which I roll) and I’m a fan of flare/bootcut yoga pants.
  • A reminder that just because one style of a brand of pants works on you, another style or color might not. Pants are funny like that. Especially with less pricey brands.
  • Memorize your measurements (in CM and IN 🙂 It’s useful) to compare on size charts. Check out the reviews of others. Find role model celebrities or fashion icons that are a similar body type/ measurements to you. Try and see what the internet has found out about their pant/ jean brands. Some even tag their clothes with the company on Instagram. I discovered Fashion Nova from Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram.
  • Try Marshalls or TJ Max where manyyyy pants brands exist, it’s a great way to check out many types at once. Also great prices.
  • Learn to sew! I take in waists alllll the time. It’s an awesome and easy curvy fashion trick.

It can be so difficult for young people to find fabulous jeans that fit them properly, aren’t plus sized, and still look smokin’, but there’s enough of us out there that there have to be options. It sucks to have to dig so hard, but the more we work together, the easier we’ll find those hidden golden fits! Let me know if you finally found your dream pair!


Jean recommendations:




Top Shop Joni pants in black









Vibrant jeans in dark wash (I had to take waist in)

The Jeans Struggle

If you’re like me- Jean shopping feels IMPOSSIBLE. As a young adult, I just want a couple pairs of flattering jeans that don’t gape at the waist and hug my curves in the right places. Is that too much to ask??

I’ve tried SO many jeans. As a young teen, I wore a lot of old navy jeans, which worked fine, but were often weirdly too long (shocking since I’m 5’9″ with long legs) and wore out quickly. I wore a lot of Calvin Klein. My favorite boot cut jeans are from there. But they’re actually skinny jeans… they just fit boot cut. The waist also had to be taken in. This is the case for almost all my jeans and shorts. I tried PZI Jeans, which are a hot recommendation for curvy women these days… and I like them, but they’re very thick denim and are never really “skinny jeans”. On a 30-year-old who wears heels, I could see these being great. I tried cheap Vibrant High Waisted skinnies. They’re great, but like the Calvins, I need the waist taken in. They’re also pretty cheap and flimsy.

So what works? My favorite black skinny jeans are the Joni (rebranded as Moto) Topshop jeans. I’ve bought I think 4 pairs over the years. They’re fantastic. Great stretch, high waisted to the proper amount, solid lifetime, they do wear out and sometimes tear in between the thighs. This is after a lot of use though.

My favorite black skinny jeans are the Joni (rebranded as Moto) Topshop jeans. I’ve bought I think 4 pairs over the years. They’re fantastic. Great stretch, high waisted to the proper amount, solid lifetime, they do wear out and sometimes tear in between the thighs. This is after a lot of use though.

I’ve also liked American Eagle jeans but never bought any. I’ve also been meaning to try Fashion Nova pants, which are widely loved. Recently I just ordered CUSTOM Levis shorts so I don’t have to do it myself (lol) and I’m hoping those go over well. We’ll see!

Let me know if you have any recommendations or questions about jeans!