Bad Days

Saturday I went to a big family get together and didn’t eat terribly- but certainly, around 2500 calories, more than my 1700 daily allotted calories. I had some amazing oreo cheesecake though! Ah anyway, though I ate fairly healthy, I certainly ate more than I should’ve.  It was also an emotionally difficult day.

On days where things are difficult, when it feels hard, when you feel starving, when nothing goes right, or when you just don’t see the point. Take a breath. You CAN do this. You ARE worth it.

Everybody has bad days. One day is a tiny drop in the pool. Don’t worry about one day. Wake up tomorrow with new resolve. That being said, just because you screwed up one day, ate a little too much, or skipped a workout- doesn’t mean the day goes to hell and you should give up. You can’t give in to a bad day. A moment of weakness weighs less than a day of weakness.

You’re beautiful, strong, and worth it. Try again always, love your lifestyle, enjoy the ride.


Body Coach Review

For a time I tried the Body Coach program organized by Joe Wicks.  Joe’s huge following and positive reviews drew me to try the program and pay the nearly $200 for fitness and diet plans.

I ended up quitting about 1/2 way and going on my own fitness program. Why?

Well first, here are some good points of the fitness program:

  • It’s easy. There’s easy access to coaches (though their advice varies and is sometimes not helpful) and the plan is detailed with food weights in grams. The workouts are detailed as well and Joe has uploaded videos for assistance.
  • It is a healthy lifestyle. The coaches would often say to me that you cannot gain weight on this program (I beg to differ, but it WAS healthy food)
  • Joe is adorable and a positive role model.
  • The food plan is tailored to you based upon some measurements and lifestyle quiz details.
  • I did improve my cooking skills and interest through practice.

Okay sorry, that wasn’t a lot of positive… I have quite a bit more to say about the negative bits of the program:

  • It’s pretty flexible but does not teach how much fat, calories, and protein are worth. You know you must eat the way you do, but you don’t get a whole lot of thorough education on the body.
  • I definitely gained weight on the problem. And the first part of the program is HIIT so I didn’t build much muscle. I quit because the second cycle out of three was lifting based and I knew I would gain more weight. I felt SOOOOO bloated and bigger. My tummy was so big I swear. And I didn’t cheat much at all.
  • When I asked the coaches for help they blamed me not doing things right and told me to have patience. I did and it didn’t get better.
  • The meal plan is flexible- but not super creative. It gives man food options and some plans, but these get old and are hard to make for more than 1 person (they don’t convert well).
  • I love the easiness of the quick HIIT sessions, but they don’t burn enough for the HIGH HIGH protein diet. It doesn’t quite add up.
  • The plan allows real carbs after a workout. This pushed me to work out more, but taught the unhealthy practice that you need to burn to eat when in the reality it does not matter when you eat your calories in the day.

In the end, it just wasn’t worth the money or time. I cooked for hours, blamed myself for screw ups, and didn’t have the body change I desired.

Beating Cravings

Cravings happen to the best of us! Sweet? Salty? I love both. So how do you keep those cravings in check without emptying the cupboards of all your dangerous treats?

Try brushing your teeth when you have a bad craving! I swear this works great. When still hungry snack on something filling and healthy like baby carrots, banana, or avocado.

Drink a lot of water! Sometimes when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. I find this is often the case with myself.

Want some good craving beaters of mine, here are my picks:

  • Mixed nuts — nuts are so filling. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are amazing. Add dark chocolate and maybe some raisins– you’ve got yourself a trail mix!
  • Pickles! I love pickles. Dill Spears often have more flavor than the dill chips.
  • Beef Jerky- hearty and available in many flavors, this source of protein is low in carbs and lasts a while.
  • Enlightened ice cream– it’s miracle “healthy” ice cream. Highly recommend in that hot summer.
  • Fage Greek 2% yogurt– the best Greek yogurt. It’s awesome with oats or berries and cinnamon.
  • Dried seaweed– although strange at first, it grows on you! Salty and crunchy.
  • Cucumber and watermelon are awesome and filling snacks. Yummy.
  • Laughing cow cheese wedges; these are tasty if you’re a cheese fanatic and also small, light in calories, and delicious.
  • Popcorn: try air popping then drizzle olive oil, butter, or margarine with salt. I love this and you save a lot of calories by making it yourself. Still delicious!!
  • Tea– green tea, white tea, chai tea, black tea — it’s all awesome and I love it. I’m a tea addict 😀
  • Gum: Not food, but great gum can really kill a craving and keep the mouth busy. My pick is Trident spearmint gum.

I hope these treats are as good for you as they are for me. Happy munching!

Enlightened Ice Cream: better than Halo top?


Halo top just hasn’t done it for me. I tried a couple flavors and found it too fluffy to pass for real ice cream. It just wasn’t worth it for me.

Now I tried Enlighted Ice cream and was very pleased. The extra carbs are worth it, still low in sugar and calories with great protein, this ice cream tastes like REAL ice cream and I’m addicted.

I’ve tried Triple Chocolate, Frozen Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip so far and honestly all taste amazing and real. Mint wasn’t my favorite, but honestly, I just don’t like that ice cream usually. Triple chocolate was by far the best in my opinion.

Enlightened on left, halo top on right. Of course from flavor to flavor, all this information varies!

How I increased my metabolism by eating!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician, I can only tell you what works for me and what I’ve researched!

For starters, when I was getting back into working out, I did about four weeks of short cardio workouts 4-5 times a week. I did a 25 minute intense HIIT session where I got my heart rate up, but 25 minutes BLEW by. It was awesome and so satisfying. This definitely kick started my metabolism.

So how did I eat my way to a better body?

I began drinking A TON of water. This is great for many reasons, but one is metabolism. Drink a glass of cold water daily, your metabolism has to work harder to raise the temperature of water!  Water is also just awesome for you.

You also need to eat enough. The worst thing you can do for your body is NOT eating enough fat (good fat), protein, and carbohydrates. Your body needs fuel to keep that metabolism up. When you starve yourself and under eat, you make your body STOP burning and instead conserve fat. BAD BAD BAD. So many diets suggest 1200 calories for everyone- while this is actually not a value that works for most people!! Use Macro calculator to find your daily needed calories (fat, carb, and fat) then take 20% off of that (some calcs will do this for you).

Eat breakfast!! Eat like a queen in the morning, a princess in the afternoon, and a pauper at night. If you HAVE to cheat or eat a bunch of carbs, this needs to be in the morning so your metabolism has the day to eat it up then get to work on your body fat. You’re trying to get your body to a state of Ketosis where the body uses stored fat instead of the food you consume.

Eat a bunch of fiber! 25 g a day is the suggested amount. Fruits and veggies will get you there (**caution** you willll have to #2 more- I’m sorry that’s so gross- but you deserve to know). Eating fiber can really crank up your metabolism.

Drink milk (calcium) to preserve muscles, iron-rich foods (fish) to help oxygen delivery to muscles, eat lots of protein and vitamin D which also assist muscles. The better shape your muscles are in, the more you’ll burn. It’s a chain reaction; work out more, more muscles, faster metabolism, more weight loss.

The last thing, I know it sucks, but cut down on the alcohol. Alcohol really clogs your body’s ability to burn. Alcohol alters it to store fat and damages your hard work. Instead of beer (which is like eating 1/2 a loaf of bread) try spiked seltzer (my favorite) or pure vodka/gin with a low sugar drink.

Sugar Sugar Baby

I love sugar. I really do. Brownies, frosting, straight-up sugar- I love it. And I’ve come to learn from myself that I have bad self-control and cannot trust myself with this stuff. As much as I know it is bad for me, I still love its sweet rush. Sigh. I’d have this horrible cycle with myself where I’d tell myself I’d quit sugar “tomorrow” and binge expecting to quit cold turkey. Bad cycle. It certainly held me back on my weight loss goals. It wasn’t even that much sugar compared to an average American diet, but it still made me feel shitty and guilty.

Once I went for 45 days without sugar, like added sugar. It was great. You feel mentally stronger and more energetic. The trick with cutting sugar is that you have to not even dabble in sugar. The littlest taste seems innocent, but it is a very slippery slope. And this is a ledge. Honestly, if you can stay away from temptation, the first few days is the worst. You have withdrawals and you feel you haven’t made any progress.  I SWEAR if you eat enough, you can feel perfectly great without sugar. Think about how that stuff basically cuts up your blood stream and contributes to your visceral fat. It provides very short-term energy and dopamine in addition to being addictive.

I know it feels impossible to quit it. I’ve struggled too. But I swear it’s worth it.