Weightloss tips

We all wanna know how to drop the pounds fast. The problem is- DIETS DON’T WORK. Weight loss is about LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I swear I cannot say it enough and that is where the real change is. Okay now onto the tips from what I do for weightloss.

  • eat like a queen in the morning, a princess in the afternoon, and a pauper in the evening! Your body can process the fattier, “cheat”, carby food more effectively earlier in the day and has more time to do so when you eat these foods in the morning. I know this is sad. But the brain is tricking you into wanting that comfort food at night. Cut the late night snacking! You don’t need food before sleep.
  • This branches off the last one, don’t eat after 7 or 8 pm (or about 3 hours before you get into bed)
  • This is allllll mental. Make weight loss for YOU.
  • Use a waist trainer (not a corset). I got mine for $5 at Walmart. I wrap it around my waist when I do a low-intensity workout day like Yoga or treadmill walking.
  • Try treadmill inclined walking while watching a TV show on your phone. It’s really not too bad! And if you’re not feeling the hardcore workout that day, try this. Burn fat, watch TV, keep those leg muscles up.
  • Stevia- not sugar. Also honey in stuff is awesome.
  • I love sweet and I love salty. Hmmmm. Make your own hot chocolate, popcorn, exciting water (with mint, cukes, and lemon), trail mix! Make food fun. You can eat dark chocolate if it’s a high %
  • Stay away from Milk. Milk causes weight gain. Also red meat and obviously processed foods and sugar.
  • Try Halo Top or Enlightened Ice Cream (Enlightened is my favorite). This “healthier” Ice Cream is amazingggggg.
  • Take BCAAs during workout and without a meal  What are BCAAS  
  • Zuchinni noodles are so good when properly prepared
  • Go low on the carbs, and eat unprocessed yummy foods like oats, brown rice, and some bread (what? Bread? Yes bread. In moderation.)
  • Check out Pinterest and Instagram for motivation, great recipes, and tips. Careful there’s a lot of diet and scam stuff there too.
  • Try to eat healthily and go workout for a month. Just a month! You can lose over 10 lbs in a month depending on who you are. Keep strong. Imagine yourself in a month and just take it day by day. I swear after 3 days and the sugar cravings wear off, it gets so much easier.
  • At the beginning of weight loss, cardio it up. This will guarantee fat loss. You can weight train later, but the cardio is what’s really going to make the difference.
  • Have a gym partner! I often go to the gym with a friend of mine. He usually goes off and lifts, but it’s still great to have someone who gets you there! Every minute in the gym is helping you.
  • Cook your own food! It is only a little harder to make good, healthier food, and that time produces yummier food.
  • No soda, no sugary alcohol (alcohol is soooooo fat building, super high calorie). The coolers and malt liquor like Smirnoff Ice or Mikes Hard Lemonade are sooooo sugary and high in calories. Beer is horrible in calories. Ugh really it’s so depressing. On drinking days, try to definitely work out, and drink vodka and cranberry juice or something less sugary. Eat before you go out, it will lower the munchies later (plus absorb alcohol, win).
  • Drink water! Drink so much freaking water! Often when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Also it’s just so great for you. It’s so key.
  • Look into protein shakes. I love the chocolate flavors. They are great for energy and muscle defining post workout.
  • NO SODA. Lord. Just no. No no no.


Please don’t starve yourself. Carbs and fat won’t make you fat! You need to eat those and protein (lots of it) for proper weight loss. I’m not a nutritionist or health coach, these are my tips from what I do for my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far and have 10-20 lbs to go! Let’s burn fat and carve that muscle.



Hey there! Welcome to my site. What will I be doing here?

This Curvy Ginger is a blog about fashion, beauty, and health. I hope to share my favorite products, tips, and learning experiences growing up as a curvy, ginger, tall woman who has struggled to find well fitting clothes. I’m not fat, I have a healthy BMI and am considered maybe “slim-thick”, “pear-shaped” or “thick and fit”. Check out the “about” tab for more information on my body type to see if my body advice can be of use to you!

I’m a ginger with thick, wavy hair who likes to keep her hair under control and in hopefully nice shape.

My fashion style is very all over the place. I love outfits in every style from chic, to classic, to urban/Korean, to sporty, to classy “white girl”, to flowery! I’m sure you’ll see a lot of range.

I’ve always struggled to find makeup that suits me. I have an oily skin type that gets dry as well. It’s very frustrating. I used to have a lot of acne (especially cystic and blackheads), but that has cleared up and I only get occasional/ light acne after going on antibiotics.

I’ve had to fight with my body since I was in middle school. I have wide hips, about 44 inches with 26.5 inch thighs each. My waist is around 29 inches and my bust is a 36B barely. I played Lacrosse in high school and did dance, but after quitting a swim team in middle school, I always had a tough relationship with my hips. I have thick thighs, but a small upper body. At 5’9″, my top weight was almost 180 lbs and I’m at one of my lowest weights in a while right now at about 155-160 lbs. This is the zone I like to be in. My “natural” weight is typically around 165-170 lbs when I don’t “try”. I love feeling healthy and am always finding new health trends, workouts, or recipes (I also love to cook).

On this site, I’ll talk about my struggles with fashion, body image, and fighting the actual body and hope to inspire or give good tips on how to embrace and accentuate the best parts of your banging body!