Picking a style?

As a teenager, I had a hard time deciding what my style was. I had a womanly body with a full booty, but the desire to fit in properly with my peers. It was hard to find clothes that looked appropriate and fit the trends. My mother often wanted to dress me in drapey clothing that covered my curves and I felt dumpy. I had a hard time with colors and honestly wasn’t very good at figuring out my style.

So how did I find my style?

A lot of trial and error! But also research.

For my curves, I found that high waisted everythinggggg was great for me. With 43″ hips and 29″ waist, this look works for me. It took research to find what current styles matched what works for my body type.

Here’s some of the main styles to look into:

  • Trendy (anything new/in)
  • Casual trendy (see old navy, gap, basics)
  • Visual/Vibrant/Artsy (bright colors, bold pieces)
  • Preppy (see Sperry, Nautica, Brooks brothers)
  • Elegant/Classy (Chanel, Gucci boutique)
  • Bohemian (drapey, patterns, earthy)
  • Girly/Cute (pastels, frilly, lace)
  • punk (black, embellishments, neon)
  • skater girl (pac sun, vans, adidas)
  • professional (similar classy, banana republic, Ann Taylor)
  • Tough (leather, patches, black, distressed jeans)
  • Sporty (active attire)
  • Urban (high waisted, Adidas, crop tops, mute colors)
  • Vintage (anything thrift or 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s look)
  • Tomboy (looser, converse, simple patterns, caps)

Investigate these and see what fits your closet, body, and ideals! It does take work, but in my opinion, fashion is your art to create. I totally cross fashions. I dip into urban, preppy, sporty, and casual trendy. The trick is to stick to one style per outfit and to try and tie your overall style into something more concrete. Make it yours! Best of luck :*


Enlightened Ice Cream: better than Halo top?


Halo top just hasn’t done it for me. I tried a couple flavors and found it too fluffy to pass for real ice cream. It just wasn’t worth it for me.

Now I tried Enlighted Ice cream and was very pleased. The extra carbs are worth it, still low in sugar and calories with great protein, this ice cream tastes like REAL ice cream and I’m addicted.

I’ve tried Triple Chocolate, Frozen Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip so far and honestly all taste amazing and real. Mint wasn’t my favorite, but honestly, I just don’t like that ice cream usually. Triple chocolate was by far the best in my opinion.

Enlightened on left, halo top on right. Of course from flavor to flavor, all this information varies!

Working the back to build a tiny waist?

Women often skip a back workout, when working the back is so important to carving the back’s form and making the illusion of a smaller waist. Of course cardio is the foundation of perfecting a figure, but for the hourglass look, throw some back exercises into those arm workouts. Here’s a gym workout I’ll be doing today.

2 sets of 15 each:

cable rope overhead triceps

cable upright row

laying down bench dumbbell chest press

dumbbell lateral raise

wide grip lateral pulldown

one arm dumbbell row (both sides)

triceps extentions behind hell using cable

standing bicep cable curls

fly rotation with  sitting with dumbbell

bicep curls

partial bent over row

pushups 🙂

upright row pull to chin with a barbell


If you don’t want to use machines or have access to a gym, try resistance band training or check out pilates videos from youtubers like Blogiates.


Happy lifting!!


How I increased my metabolism by eating!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician, I can only tell you what works for me and what I’ve researched!

For starters, when I was getting back into working out, I did about four weeks of short cardio workouts 4-5 times a week. I did a 25 minute intense HIIT session where I got my heart rate up, but 25 minutes BLEW by. It was awesome and so satisfying. This definitely kick started my metabolism.

So how did I eat my way to a better body?

I began drinking A TON of water. This is great for many reasons, but one is metabolism. Drink a glass of cold water daily, your metabolism has to work harder to raise the temperature of water!  Water is also just awesome for you.

You also need to eat enough. The worst thing you can do for your body is NOT eating enough fat (good fat), protein, and carbohydrates. Your body needs fuel to keep that metabolism up. When you starve yourself and under eat, you make your body STOP burning and instead conserve fat. BAD BAD BAD. So many diets suggest 1200 calories for everyone- while this is actually not a value that works for most people!! Use Macro calculator to find your daily needed calories (fat, carb, and fat) then take 20% off of that (some calcs will do this for you).

Eat breakfast!! Eat like a queen in the morning, a princess in the afternoon, and a pauper at night. If you HAVE to cheat or eat a bunch of carbs, this needs to be in the morning so your metabolism has the day to eat it up then get to work on your body fat. You’re trying to get your body to a state of Ketosis where the body uses stored fat instead of the food you consume.

Eat a bunch of fiber! 25 g a day is the suggested amount. Fruits and veggies will get you there (**caution** you willll have to #2 more- I’m sorry that’s so gross- but you deserve to know). Eating fiber can really crank up your metabolism.

Drink milk (calcium) to preserve muscles, iron-rich foods (fish) to help oxygen delivery to muscles, eat lots of protein and vitamin D which also assist muscles. The better shape your muscles are in, the more you’ll burn. It’s a chain reaction; work out more, more muscles, faster metabolism, more weight loss.

The last thing, I know it sucks, but cut down on the alcohol. Alcohol really clogs your body’s ability to burn. Alcohol alters it to store fat and damages your hard work. Instead of beer (which is like eating 1/2 a loaf of bread) try spiked seltzer (my favorite) or pure vodka/gin with a low sugar drink.

Finding pants that FIT (with RECS)

*** Sorry it’s been a bit guys, I’ve been on vacation ***

Finding fitting pants? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re always on the prowl for a perfect pair that ACTUALLY fits you in all the right places.

I feel actually blessed when I find a pair that hugs my waist but covers my ass properly all while looking fashionable.  It’s only happened a couple times.

I’ve tried SO many jeans, see my previous post about Jeans to find more on that!

Here, I’ll talk a little about HOW to find these mystery pants.

  • First, figure out what style you want. My go to is skinny jeans with a high waist because I like the fit for my curves, it holds me looking shaped, and these happen to be in style (score!!). I also have a couple more straight cut pants for work (which I roll) and I’m a fan of flare/bootcut yoga pants.
  • A reminder that just because one style of a brand of pants works on you, another style or color might not. Pants are funny like that. Especially with less pricey brands.
  • Memorize your measurements (in CM and IN 🙂 It’s useful) to compare on size charts. Check out the reviews of others. Find role model celebrities or fashion icons that are a similar body type/ measurements to you. Try and see what the internet has found out about their pant/ jean brands. Some even tag their clothes with the company on Instagram. I discovered Fashion Nova from Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram.
  • Try Marshalls or TJ Max where manyyyy pants brands exist, it’s a great way to check out many types at once. Also great prices.
  • Learn to sew! I take in waists alllll the time. It’s an awesome and easy curvy fashion trick.

It can be so difficult for young people to find fabulous jeans that fit them properly, aren’t plus sized, and still look smokin’, but there’s enough of us out there that there have to be options. It sucks to have to dig so hard, but the more we work together, the easier we’ll find those hidden golden fits! Let me know if you finally found your dream pair!


Jean recommendations:




Top Shop Joni pants in black









Vibrant jeans in dark wash (I had to take waist in)

Sugar Sugar Baby

I love sugar. I really do. Brownies, frosting, straight-up sugar- I love it. And I’ve come to learn from myself that I have bad self-control and cannot trust myself with this stuff. As much as I know it is bad for me, I still love its sweet rush. Sigh. I’d have this horrible cycle with myself where I’d tell myself I’d quit sugar “tomorrow” and binge expecting to quit cold turkey. Bad cycle. It certainly held me back on my weight loss goals. It wasn’t even that much sugar compared to an average American diet, but it still made me feel shitty and guilty.

Once I went for 45 days without sugar, like added sugar. It was great. You feel mentally stronger and more energetic. The trick with cutting sugar is that you have to not even dabble in sugar. The littlest taste seems innocent, but it is a very slippery slope. And this is a ledge. Honestly, if you can stay away from temptation, the first few days is the worst. You have withdrawals and you feel you haven’t made any progress.  I SWEAR if you eat enough, you can feel perfectly great without sugar. Think about how that stuff basically cuts up your blood stream and contributes to your visceral fat. It provides very short-term energy and dopamine in addition to being addictive.

I know it feels impossible to quit it. I’ve struggled too. But I swear it’s worth it.

Weightloss tips

We all wanna know how to drop the pounds fast. The problem is- DIETS DON’T WORK. Weight loss is about LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I swear I cannot say it enough and that is where the real change is. Okay now onto the tips from what I do for weightloss.

  • eat like a queen in the morning, a princess in the afternoon, and a pauper in the evening! Your body can process the fattier, “cheat”, carby food more effectively earlier in the day and has more time to do so when you eat these foods in the morning. I know this is sad. But the brain is tricking you into wanting that comfort food at night. Cut the late night snacking! You don’t need food before sleep.
  • This branches off the last one, don’t eat after 7 or 8 pm (or about 3 hours before you get into bed)
  • This is allllll mental. Make weight loss for YOU.
  • Use a waist trainer (not a corset). I got mine for $5 at Walmart. I wrap it around my waist when I do a low-intensity workout day like Yoga or treadmill walking.
  • Try treadmill inclined walking while watching a TV show on your phone. It’s really not too bad! And if you’re not feeling the hardcore workout that day, try this. Burn fat, watch TV, keep those leg muscles up.
  • Stevia- not sugar. Also honey in stuff is awesome.
  • I love sweet and I love salty. Hmmmm. Make your own hot chocolate, popcorn, exciting water (with mint, cukes, and lemon), trail mix! Make food fun. You can eat dark chocolate if it’s a high %
  • Stay away from Milk. Milk causes weight gain. Also red meat and obviously processed foods and sugar.
  • Try Halo Top or Enlightened Ice Cream (Enlightened is my favorite). This “healthier” Ice Cream is amazingggggg.
  • Take BCAAs during workout and without a meal  What are BCAAS  
  • Zuchinni noodles are so good when properly prepared
  • Go low on the carbs, and eat unprocessed yummy foods like oats, brown rice, and some bread (what? Bread? Yes bread. In moderation.)
  • Check out Pinterest and Instagram for motivation, great recipes, and tips. Careful there’s a lot of diet and scam stuff there too.
  • Try to eat healthily and go workout for a month. Just a month! You can lose over 10 lbs in a month depending on who you are. Keep strong. Imagine yourself in a month and just take it day by day. I swear after 3 days and the sugar cravings wear off, it gets so much easier.
  • At the beginning of weight loss, cardio it up. This will guarantee fat loss. You can weight train later, but the cardio is what’s really going to make the difference.
  • Have a gym partner! I often go to the gym with a friend of mine. He usually goes off and lifts, but it’s still great to have someone who gets you there! Every minute in the gym is helping you.
  • Cook your own food! It is only a little harder to make good, healthier food, and that time produces yummier food.
  • No soda, no sugary alcohol (alcohol is soooooo fat building, super high calorie). The coolers and malt liquor like Smirnoff Ice or Mikes Hard Lemonade are sooooo sugary and high in calories. Beer is horrible in calories. Ugh really it’s so depressing. On drinking days, try to definitely work out, and drink vodka and cranberry juice or something less sugary. Eat before you go out, it will lower the munchies later (plus absorb alcohol, win).
  • Drink water! Drink so much freaking water! Often when you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Also it’s just so great for you. It’s so key.
  • Look into protein shakes. I love the chocolate flavors. They are great for energy and muscle defining post workout.
  • NO SODA. Lord. Just no. No no no.


Please don’t starve yourself. Carbs and fat won’t make you fat! You need to eat those and protein (lots of it) for proper weight loss. I’m not a nutritionist or health coach, these are my tips from what I do for my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far and have 10-20 lbs to go! Let’s burn fat and carve that muscle.