Enlightened Ice Cream: better than Halo top?


Halo top just hasn’t done it for me. I tried a couple flavors and found it too fluffy to pass for real ice cream. It just wasn’t worth it for me.

Now I tried Enlighted Ice cream and was very pleased. The extra carbs are worth it, still low in sugar and calories with great protein, this ice cream tastes like REAL ice cream and I’m addicted.

I’ve tried Triple Chocolate, Frozen Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip so far and honestly all taste amazing and real. Mint wasn’t my favorite, but honestly, I just don’t like that ice cream usually. Triple chocolate was by far the best in my opinion.

Enlightened on left, halo top on right. Of course from flavor to flavor, all this information varies!