Bad Days

Saturday I went to a big family get together and didn’t eat terribly- but certainly, around 2500 calories, more than my 1700 daily allotted calories. I had some amazing oreo cheesecake though! Ah anyway, though I ate fairly healthy, I certainly ate more than I should’ve.  It was also an emotionally difficult day.

On days where things are difficult, when it feels hard, when you feel starving, when nothing goes right, or when you just don’t see the point. Take a breath. You CAN do this. You ARE worth it.

Everybody has bad days. One day is a tiny drop in the pool. Don’t worry about one day. Wake up tomorrow with new resolve. That being said, just because you screwed up one day, ate a little too much, or skipped a workout- doesn’t mean the day goes to hell and you should give up. You can’t give in to a bad day. A moment of weakness weighs less than a day of weakness.

You’re beautiful, strong, and worth it. Try again always, love your lifestyle, enjoy the ride.